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Police: 5 years later, Spierer not a 'cold case'

Posted at 4:01 PM, May 17, 2016

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Nearly five years after her disappearance, Bloomington police say the Lauren Spierer case remains a priority for the department.

The 20-year-old Indiana University student disappeared June 3, 2011, after a night partying with friends in Bloomington.

Despite national media attention and thousands of hours by police investigators and private search efforts, Spierer has never been found.

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On Tuesday, the Bloomington Police Department provided an update on the case, saying it has received and investigated more than 3,500 tips since Spierer's disappearance.

The department also said there is work being done on the case "literally every day," and that it has never been treated as a cold case.

Find the full statement from Bloomington police below:

From the time of Lauren’s reported disappearance, the Bloomington Police Department (BPD) has dedicated an extraordinary amount of resources while investigating this case. Over 3,500 tips have been received, documented and investigated. Searches involving hundreds of volunteers were organized and managed by Department personnel with those searches occurring within and outside the City of Bloomington and Monroe County. An exhaustive search of a landfill was conducted over the course of several days. The number of regular duty hours associated with the case cannot be quantified and the Department has documented over 2,505 hours of overtime for personnel since the beginning of the investigation. Detectives have traveled to other jurisdictions within Indiana and outside the state for interviews, consultation, and other investigatory efforts. The Department has explored possible connections to a number of criminal suspects arrested in other jurisdictions for heinous crimes against female victims. Investigators have contacted numerous agencies located within and outside the state of Indiana where bodies or human remains have been found in an effort to see if there might be a connection to the case.

BPD has worked with a variety of other law enforcement partners and other organizations with specific skills to assist with the case to include the FBI, Indiana State Police, Indiana Conservation Officers, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana University Police Department, the Indiana National Guard, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and various search and rescue organizations.

The Bloomington Police Department made a conscious decision to be judicious in what was shared with the public through the media as the investigation progressed. The objective of the Department was to focus energy and resources on the investigation itself rather than the distractions and misinformation that can be generated or result from overexposure through the media. Pertinent information was, in fact, released that might lead to additional tips for investigators and that proved to be helpful when that strategy was utilized. Even though it has been over 4.5 years since Lauren disappeared, the case continues to be a priority for the investigators assigned and there is work being done on the case literally every day. The investigation into Lauren’s disappearance has never been considered or labeled a “cold case” by the Department.

The Bloomington Police Department continues to diligently investigate the circumstances related to Lauren’s disappearance and will continue to do so until all avenues of investigation have been thoroughly explored. The commitment to determine what happened to Lauren was made to Lauren’s family, the citizens of Bloomington and the Indiana University community. All are deserving of our best effort and they should expect nothing less regardless of the amount of time that passes before answers can be provided to those who so desperately need and deserve to know what has happened to their loved one.

Anyone with information on the Lauren Spierer investigation is urged to contact the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4477 or via email at

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