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Boone County Sheriff swears in a very special "special deputy"

Caleb Anderson fighting autoimmune disease
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Posted at 3:01 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 19:11:21-04

LEBANON — The newest member of the Boone County Sheriff's Office is 10-years-old, but who's counting?

Sheriff Mike Nielsen has sworn in and deputized Caleb Anderson as a Boone County Special Deputy.

Caleb, who is battling an autoimmune disease, has a special love for law enforcement and especially wants to be a K-9 handler when he grows up. At the swearing in ceremony, Caleb was introduced to K-9 Deputies Clint Stewart and Taylor Nielsen along with their partners, Makya and Arco. And he was surprised with a full uniform, including tactical boots, donated by Nelson Uniforms.

"A special thanks to Nelson Uniforms for their generous donation and to my Boone County Sheriff's Office administrative staff for helping me coordinate something that this young man will never forget, nor will I," said Sheriff Nielsen. "Caleb’s theme is 'Fight Courageously', we can all learn from this. Prayers to Caleb and his family."

"We have learned from Caleb that when we are faced with difficulties in life that we fight with everything we have. Keep fighting Deputy Caleb, we will always be in your corner," said the sheriff.

According to Caleb's mother, Sue Anderson, the 10-year-old attends Connections Academy, which is an online school. "Since Caleb is immune suppressed he can’t go into a classroom setting due to the risk of infection for him," said Anderson.

"We were connected with Boone County Sheriffs Department when our son was given a day to meet up with Deputy Taylor Nielsen to do K9 training and from there, she introduced us to all the amazing people at Boone. Caleb dreams about being a K9 handler one day and is a little shadow to the Sheriff and Deputy Nielsen," said Anderson.