Boone Co Sheriff Mike Nielsen honors Deputy Jacob Pickett with a poem: "Killed in the Line of Duty"

Posted at 3:36 PM, Mar 09, 2018

BROWNSBURG, Ind. -- Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen has been brought to tears coming to grips with the death of one of his deputies, Jacob Pickett.

But his personal outreach over the last week has been special, and his words at Deputy Pickett's funeral were no different. 

The Sheriff honored Deputy Pickett with words about the kind of man he was, telling a short story about when he was asked if he needed anything before going out on a traffic stop, he said "It's a beautiful day, what more do I need?"

Sheriff Nielsen then read a poem: "Killed in the Line of Duty".

Below is that poem. You can watch Sheriff Nielsen's full remarks in the video above.


A poem: "Killed in the Line of Duty"

They always knew they could be 
They never thought they would be 
God knows none ever should be 
Killed in the line of duty

Some made their final stand 
Their profession’s last demand 
They fell with gun in hand 
Killed in the line duty

A routine to many a cop 
Some made one final stop 
Someone’s Mom or Pop 
Killed in the line of duty

Others answered one last call 
To a robbery, theft, or brawl 
They arrived only to fall 
Killed in the line of duty

Some were dressed in brown, some blue 
Some in gray, and plain clothes too 
Some were dressed like me and you 
Killed in the line of duty

May their souls be forever blessed 
For they who are now at rest 
Died doing what they loved best 
Killed in the line of duty

Forgotten they never could be 
Forgotten they never should be 
Thought they never would be 
Killed in the line of duty

God bless all those who fell 
They are missed and loved so well 
Let us pray and toll the bell 
Those killed in the line of duty


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