Remembering Jake: The funeral of Deputy Jacob Pickett

Posted at 4:47 PM, Mar 09, 2018
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BOONE COUNTY, Ind. -- Deputy Jacob Pickett was born on Dec. 20, 1983 and was killed in the line of duty on March 2, 2018.

On Friday, March 9, Dep. Pickett was remembered as a warrior, a friend, husband and father.

Dep. Pickett 's casket arrives at church

Dep. Pickett's funeral service began with a procession of law enforcement officers in blue, tan and green passing by his casket.

Then came the K-9's and their partners.

Dep. Pickett's K9 partner, Brik, passes by his casket

They were followed by Deputy Pickett's K-9, Brik, who has been by his side for nearly every moment since his death.

Pastor Steve Reeves told the mourners they came to the church to seek comfort as they celebrated Dep. Pickett's life.  Pickett was born in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Brownsburg High School.

He graduated from the Marion County Sheriff's Office Training Academy and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.  Dep. Pickett served with the Marion County Sheriff's Office, the Tipton Police Department, and then joined the Boone County Sheriff's Office on July 15, 2015. He is survived by his wife of 10 years, Jennifer, his two sons, family and friends. 

The first memorial tribute came from Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb who said his heart broke when he learned about the shooting:



U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita also spoke:


Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen's memorial tribute included a poem, "Killed in the Line of Duty"

They always knew they could be 
They never thought they would be 
God knows none ever should be 
Killed in the line of duty

Some made their final stand 
Their profession’s last demand 
They fell with gun in hand 
Killed in the line duty

A routine to many a cop 
Some made one final stop 
Someone’s Mom or Pop 
Killed in the line of duty

Others answered one last call 
To a robbery, theft, or brawl 
They arrived only to fall 
Killed in the line of duty

Some were dressed in brown, some blue 
Some in gray, and plain clothes too 
Some were dressed like me and you 
Killed in the line of duty

May their souls be forever blessed 
For they who are now at rest 
Died doing what they loved best 
Killed in the line of duty

Forgotten they never could be 
Forgotten they never should be 
Thought they never would be 
Killed in the line of duty

God bless all those who fell 
They are missed and loved so well 
Let us pray and toll the bell 
Those killed in the line of duty


Here is the sheriff's complete tribute to Dep. Pickett:


A tribute video to Deputy Pickett's his life and service then played:


The eulogy was given by Officer Bradley Robins of the Tipton Police Department. Officer Robins spoke about how, "Jake made every attempt to do the right thing for the right reason." You can watch the eulogy below:


A musical tribute was sung by a family friend, then there was a closing message from Pastor Steve.

This poem, entitled "A Policeman's Prayer" also appeared in the funeral program

Lord, I ask for courage;

Courage to face and conquer my own fears...

Courage to take me where others will not go. I ask for strength;

Strength of body to protect others...

Strength of spirit to lead others.

I ask for dedication;

Dedication to my job to do it well...

Dedication to my community to keep it safe.

Give me, Lord, concern;

For all those who trust me...

And compassion for those who need me

And, please, Lord, through it all; be at my side.

After the funeral service for Dep, Pickett ended, his casket was escorted out the church for the procession to Crown Hill and his final resting place.



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