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Brownsburg fire chief arrested on OWI charge

Posted at 7:05 AM, Jan 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-11 16:37:44-05

BROWNSBURG, Ind. -- The chief of the Brownsburg Fire Territory, Bill Brown, was arrested on a charge of operating while intoxicated on Sunday night in Indianapolis. 

Police responded to the intersection of College and Massachusetts Avenues around 8:30 p.m. for a report a single-vehicle car crash.

Sources say that Brown, 58, was incoherent when he was stopped. In addition, Brown told police he was a fireman and initially refused to get out of his car, a department-owned Ford Expedition.

Sources also say that Brown kept asking to go to the restroom and relieved himself in the vehicle.

"I was surprised. Chief Brown has served our community well. It's kind of a shock to me, actually," Brownsburg town council member Brian Jessen said. "I think any department would take these allegations seriously. Brownsburg will take it seriously as well."

Officials with the Brownsburg Fire Territory released a statement Monday, there were no injuries, and that the matter will be handled "in accordance with our policies and procedures."

Brown is due in court Thursday morning.

There is a letter from Brown on the fire department's website that asks the public to let the department know when a member does something that deserves recognition or performs actions "that you believe are not at an acceptable level of professional service."

In response to the arrest, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, an organization committed to ending drunken driving, released a statement, which reads:

Drunk driving affects everyone — celebrities, officials and every citizen alike — that’s why it is so important that we continue to educate the public about making smart and safe choices.

MADD is committed to eliminating this 100 percent preventable crime, and it is our hope that a high-profile arrest will serve as a reminder to others to plan ahead for a safe way home if their plans include alcohol.

While we value the work of our partners who work for the public, we know that just like everyone else, they are capable of making poor decisions. No one is immune, and that’s why it is so important to plan ahead for a safe way home if your plans include alcohol.



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