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Butler Lab students make signs with advice to voters for election day

Posted at 9:54 PM, Nov 04, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Just because they aren't old enough to vote doesn't mean your kids aren't dealing with election fatigue. Worn down by all of the negative ads and divisive tones of this year's election students at one Indianapolis school are feeling empowered to have a say. So they've created signs reminding voters of things they need to remember on election day. 

"There's just been a lot of conversation around who the candidates are and who people want to vote for and some conversations trying to keep the kids from getting too contentious about things." said IPS Butler Lab teacher Robin Houdek.

 Houdek said they wanted to give the students a voice in this year's election.

"Election signs came to mind, and just a vision of wouldn't it be great if things they're saying were there for everyone who's actually voting to see."

So the students decided to focus on what people should be voting for, not who. Houdek said it's a way to educate and empower them.

"It's so important to provide spaces for them to discuss these things and to know we should be talking about these things and there are adults who are out there who are going to support them and listen to them," said Houdek.

Many of the Indianapolis Public Schools will serve as polling places on Tuesday. At Butler Lab School, voters will see 250 signs with advice from the kids as they go to cast their ballots.