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Butler-Tarkington goes 100 days without homicide

Posted at 11:41 PM, Jan 21, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- In October of last year, the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood had been hit with four back-to-back homicides in a matter of weeks. But one night, something changed. 

"We had a conversation out there that night, that the community itself had to do it," Rev. Charles Harrison said.

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Led by Rev. Charles Harrison, the Ten Point Coalition decided to focus on the neighborhood, which was in desperate need of help. The police also jumped on board and heavily monitored the area. 

"This is a good community and it is unfortunate. We have a few individuals, less than five percent, who just don't get it," former IMPD Chief Rick Hite said. 

Then the residents stood up and united, canvassing the streets and communicating with each other. 

"If you bring everybody together. And the people in this neighborhood say enough is enough, we are not going to tolerate it anymore," Harrison said. 

Thursday marked 100 days without a homicide. 

"A lot of people have turned their lives around in these neighborhoods," Hite said. 

The focus is on the next 100 to follow. 


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