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CALL 6: Protesters demand release of dogs

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jan 07, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Protesters gathered Thursday to demand Indianapolis Animal Care and Control release dozens of German Shepherds.  

Supporters of Upton's Famous Pet Training Center says the city illegally seized the dogs during a Nov. 6 raid. 

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The protest comes after Call 6 Investigates raised questions about at least five puppies dying at the city shelter. 

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Three lawsuits have been filed in the last few months in the fight over the dogs. The German Shepherds are in the city's custody, and will be until a trial on Jan. 22. 

Upton's supporters say that's not good enough. 

They gathered in front of the city-county building Thursday afternoon with signs asking for the dogs to be released.

Upton's is facing a 47-count complaint alleging they failed to properly care for the dogs. 

Call 6 Investigates obtained photos from the city, which says some of the dogs were very skinny and were in kennels so small they could not sit, stand or lie without doing so in their own excrement. 

"I can't even recognize half of those dogs. Their photos are blurry. None of the dogs were underweight. None of our dogs were sick. None of our dogs had any physical thing wrong with them. None of them were dirty. It's a crying shame. I've seen all the photos" Nina Laurenzana said. 

Protesters say Upton's has been denied the opportunity to see their dogs. 

It is unlikely the protest will lead to the release of the dogs before the trial. Last month, a judge ordered kennel owner Paul Upton to pay more than $6,000 for the care of the German Shepherds while in the city's custody. 

Upton's supporters point out they never had any citations in 30 years of business, until the November sweep by IACC. 


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