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Carmel PD searching for midday burglary suspects

Posted at 11:42 PM, Mar 16, 2016

CARMEL, Ind. -- Police in Carmel are looking for two suspects accused of breaking into homes in the middle of the day.

Since the break-ins earlier this month, Shawn McFarland installed a security camera at his front door.

One burglary happened just next door. In the middle of the day, police say at least two men kicked in the front door then opened the garage and pulled their vehicle, a white sedan, inside.

The thieves stole various electronics, money and a safe.

Then they did the same thing to the neighboring house.

"We moved here in August," McFarland said. "Doug and them moved here in September, and we're all fairly new. It's a great neighborhood. Friendly neighborhood. And, you know, within a few months of us moving in something like this happens."


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