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Carmel photographer finds now engaged couple in viral Fourth of July photo

Posted at 7:45 PM, Jul 07, 2019

CARMEL — Tyler Huffman took a now viral photo of a couple's proposal during a firework show Thursday in Carmel.

Huffman found the couple, Brad Rider and Wendy Albrecht, after posting the photo to social media. When he took the photo, he said he didn't notice the couple until he was looking through the pictures later in the night.

"It's a lucky shot you take a good close look at photo its not zoomed in on them," Huffman said. "I was focused on other things. It's lucky he stopped where he did - picked the spot he did and I was stopped where I was."

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Rider and Albrecht met in 2011 and were previously engaged in October of 2012. Life got in the way and the couple never set a date for the wedding, they said.

Rider says it was a spontaneous and beautiful moment.

"I wanted to remind her how much I loved - her and how much. I wanted to marry her," Rider said.

Once Huffman posted the photo, the couple said they started hearing about it from their friends.

"We started getting phone calls and text messages from friends," Albrecht said. "This thing had gone viral. We had no idea."

While an official wedding date hasn't been set, Rider says maybe they should do it on July 4, 2020. Albrecht says she'll "stick with a beach wedding."