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Suit: Carmel issued illegal traffic tickets

Posted at 12:37 PM, Jan 12, 2016

CARMEL, Ind. -- A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the city of Carmel, alleging that the city has been giving out illegal traffic tickets. 

The suit was filed by Ed Bielski of Bielski Law LLC. 

It claims Carmel police issued tickets under Carmel's §8-?2 ordinance, which states: 

Unless otherwise provided herein, the provisions set forth in I.C., 9-21-1-1 through 9-21-20-3 (Traffic Regulations) are adopted by reference and made a part of this chapter with the same force and effect as though set forth here verbatim.

The suit states that Carmel police have been writing tickets under that rule, instead of reasons related to Carmel's traffic rules. 

Bielski says it's a "gross abuse of the legal process." He said a state rule doesn't allow for ordinances to just copy Indiana law.

Bielski Law says it's investigating how much money Carmel shared with the county.

Anybody who believes they were wronged by Carmel police citations can contact Bielski at 317-631-6866 or 


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