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Carmel teachers receive biggest pay raise in over 10 years

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Posted at 7:53 AM, Oct 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-09 05:17:36-04

CARMEL — Teachers in Carmel are about to receive the biggest pay raise they've seen in over a decade.

The raise is part of a new two-year agreement between Carmel Clay School Board of Trustees and the Carmel Teacher's Association.

Under the agreement, teachers in Carmel will receive a 4% increase in their salary schedule, plus incremental increases for the 2019-2020 school year and then a 2% increase plus increments for the 2020-2021 school year.

The agreement also includes a $25,000 increase in life insurance and new leave agreement for foster parents.

"On behalf of the entire board, I’d like to extend my appreciation to the Carmel Teacher’s Association and CCS administration for their collective effort in reaching an agreement," Board President Mike Kerschner said. "We would also like to thank our teachers; their hard work, talent, dedication and the positive impact they have on our students and our entire school community is what makes Carmel Clay Schools an outstanding public school district.”

Funding for the two-year agreement will be provided by state funding, a referendum fund increase and a reduction in the district's contribution to the teacher's retirement fund. The retirement fund reduction is made possible by Governor Holcomb's 2019 Budget Bill, which includes $150 million to pay off the unfunded portion of the state's teacher retirement fund so the schools can pay less.

“I appreciate the transparent and collaborative approach both sides took to reach this agreement,” said Dr. Michael Beresford, Superintendent of Carmel Clay Schools. “School budgets are difficult to balance and the teams focused on creating a fair and responsible contract. While teacher pay in Indiana has not kept up with the cost of living, this agreement represents the highest raise CCS teachers have received in over ten years. We will continue to invest in our team and keep CCS competitive with surrounding districts.”

To view a copy of the contract, please click here.