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Carrier employees cautiously optimistic about new deal

Posted at 8:19 AM, Dec 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-01 10:31:15-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Workers at Carrier and plants similar to it are waiting with cautious optimism to hear the details of the deal that President-elect Donald Trump was able to strike with the west side factory.

Those details will be announced in full at 2 p.m., but until then, employees we spoke to are excited, but unsure of what's next.

"I'm still worried about, is there a pay cut, or, you know, if we have to give anything up," said Julie Meadows, a current Carrier employee who is facing layoffs.

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T.J. Bray, a union steward at Carrier, couldn't believe the news that his job could be saved, but is curious to learn the details.

"A lot of people are asking if we're going to be taking pay cuts," Bray said.

Larry Linville, 70, is the longest tenured Carrier employee. He is overjoyed that he and many of his co-workers will have secure jobs, and while he is close to retirement, he said he wants to work a little longer, depending on the details of this agreement.

"It's a relief, for many of the younger people I'm glad for them, it just depends on what happens whether I stay or go," Linville said.

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Terri Cook has worked at the Rexnord plant for 17 years, a company that is also going to ship jobs to Mexico in the coming years. 

"It depends on the severance, whether I can retire," Cook said. "Hopefully I can get a job at Carrier if they keep Carrier."

Cook is hopeful the deal with Carrier sets a precedent.

"I'm just very hopeful that Trump can help us Rexnord employees out (too)," Cook said. 

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But whether or not a precedent will be set is yet to be seen.

Dr. Toby Malichi, a free trade expert from Indianapolis and one of the men who worked on the original North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) deal said 

"(Jobs leaving for Mexico) is a trend that could continue on for many different reasons through free trade agreements," Dr. Malichi said. "There are two other companies here in Indiana, according to Sen. (Joe) Donnelly, that are still thinking about taking their jobs outside of Indiana."

NAFTA has taken the brunt of blame for situations like Carrier, with some American-based businesses taking opportunities to make more money through lower wages in other count ires as part of the agreement.

President-elect Trump has been vocal in his opposition of NAFTA, even going so far as to say on the campaign trail that he would repeal it. 

Dr. Malichi offered the benefits NAFTA does provide, saying it benefits business owners to sell more products to more customers outside of the U.S.'s borders. 

"Because of free trade agreements, we've had an average of 18 percent higher salaries than other domestic jobs," Dr. Malichi said. 

RTV6 will live stream the 2 p.m. announcement at the Carrier plant with president-elect Trump and vice president-elect Mike Pence. You can watch it at or on our Facebook page.

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