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Children home alone during Anderson break-in

Posted at 10:49 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 23:13:09-05

ANDERSON, Ind. -- Anderson police say two kids, left home alone, came face-to-face with a pair of robbers who broke into their home.

Those men are still on the loose. 

Police are commending the actions of those kids, a 15-year-old girl and her 10-year-old brother, who were home by themselves when two men forced their way through the front door. 

Both were holding guns. 

Police say the masked gunmen demanded certain property from the kids. They took some items and cash, then took off. 

Police are still looking for them. 

One is described as 5 feet ten inches with a stocky build, wearing blue jeans. The other was about 5 feet 3 inches tall with a thin build. 

Just after they left, the 15-year-old ran from the house and called a grandparent for help. 

"It was a scary situation, of course, for that 15-year-old and that 10-year-old, as well to get through that and then have the presence of mind to call for help," Major Joel Sandefur with the Anderson Police Department said. 

Police say they could have responded quicker if the girl would have called 911, but they understand why she initially thought to call someone she trusts. 

Police want to stress that they do not believe the robbery was a random act. The suspects might have targeted this house specifically. 


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