‘Circus – Starring You!' opens at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

How many friends can you fit into a clown car?
Posted at 3:27 PM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 15:27:44-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- The magic of the circus will soon make its way to the children’s museum.

The new exhibit called,“Circus - Starring You!” at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, will open Saturday and feature several interactive activities.

Museum staff said it took about a year to create.

“Circus - Starring You!” will give participants the chance to test their balance on the tightrope, learn to juggle and see how many of their family and friends can squeeze into a clown car.

Staff said the exhibit is fun but they hope participants reap the science, math and art benefits.

“We obviously have some science in here. We're talking about acrobatics, we talk about torque, we talk about timing all of that. We really again are focusing on art. We're talking about performance; we're talking about the artistry of the circus posters,” said Monica Humphrey, exhibit manager.

The exhibit will stay open at the museum until Nov. 26.