Clinton discusses guns, healthcare in Indy

Posted at 4:28 PM, May 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-01 19:26:24-04

INDIANAPOLIS ---Days before the Indiana primary, Hillary Clinton is making a final push to Hoosier voters. 

Clinton hit on gun violence during her Get Out The Vote event at Douglass Park Gymnasium on Sunday afternoon.

This is a topic that hits home in Indianapolis after the city reported its highest number of murders in the state's history. 

"Ninety human beings a day are killed by guns in our country. 33,000 a year," Clinton said. " I know you have had some terrible gun violence here in Indianapolis. This is an epidemic that doesn't respect any boundaries or borders. "

Clinton said she wants comprehensive background checks, close the gun show loophole, the online loopholes, and remove special protections from gun makers and sellers.

She also addressed the tone and tenor of the presidential campaign.  

"This hateful talk about immigrants, about Muslims, about women. Enough, enough," Clinton said. "That's not who we are."

She also said she wants to add improvements to the affordable care act and fight diligently on behalf of the middle class.

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