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Columbus police K9 dies following eight years of service

Posted at 11:57 AM, Dec 28, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ind. – A retired K9 from the Columbus Police Department died Monday after eight years of service.

Police said K9 Rex was born in 2006 and was joined with his partner, Officer Chad Lehman, in April 2008. From July of that year, the pair made nearly 250 apprehensions through February 2016, when they retired.

“Rex always enjoyed work and would get excited whenever we would drive past other black and white police cars," said Lehman. "He was known as the dog who tried to open car doors due to his being an aggressive alert dog.  Rex would bite the door handle when he detected illegal narcotic odors.  Rex's favorite task was tracking and would always get excited whenever deployed for a track.”  

Rex enjoyed retirement with Lehman and his family until his passing.