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Committee to vote on Sunday sales bill next week

Posted at 9:06 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 21:06:40-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Sunday alcohol sales have been up for discussion for years, and each year it has met the same fate.

This year's proposal is different, but similar to last year, it is pitting grocery and convenience stores against package liquor. 

"We're asking for the right to sell a product that Kroger sells safely and responsibly six days a week on the seventh day of the week," John Elliot with Kroger said. 

"Making it available 14 percent more of the time will not result in increased revenue. But, increased accessibility does definitively lead to more increase in alcohol abuse and misuse among our society," Matt Bell with Big Red Liquors said. 

A key difference in the new proposal is that it doesn't require hard liquor to be located behind the counter at grocery stores and pharmacies. The bill gives those stores the choice of displaying alcohol in a separate area or room or in one space that isn't adjacent to items like toys or candy. 

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The bill's sponsor says he expects to include more details on those regulations prior to calling the bill for a vote in committee next week. 

And he says he's hopeful the vote will be a yes. 

"Place your vote for Hoosiers that across this state say it's silly that we can't have Sunday sales by adding one day to the six days of what we already allow," Rep. Tom Dermody said. 

A Democratic member of the committee says she sees the issue gaining support in the public, and among her colleagues. 

"I don't think everybody is going to get what they want, and that's what makes this a good proposal," Rep. Terri Austin said. 

Rep. Dermody pulled the proposal due to a lack of support last year. 

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