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Construction resumes along IndyGo Red Line

Posted at 7:03 PM, Mar 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-13 19:03:04-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Rubber rails are being added to red line stations along Shelby Street so the buses can get closer reducing the gap riders cross when getting on and off.

Crews are also re-pouring the concrete adding a thicker layer following wear and tear from the buses.

As IndyGo works on the Raymond Street and Pleasant Run red line stations, drivers can expect detours for around 3 weeks.

"I think it's important to add these buffers because people that have a cane or walker or wheelchair. They need that to get on the bus if that's not there someone can fall and hurt themselves," said a rider.

"It's important that just in case a little kid gets on the bus they don't fall through, especially people like me who ride bikes. It's harder for us to get our bike on when we have to step on that crack and sometimes, they park so far away a lot of us might fall through it," said Jonathan Webb.

The work is part of the $5.1 million "Red Line Enhancement Project"

The enhancements are being paid for by IndyGo through their general maintenance budget.

Some stations have already received the upgrades.

An IndyGo spokesperson says, they already planned to add the rubber rails to make it safer for riders and cut down on damage to the buses.

The stations were put in around three years ago.

IndyGo says it learned through trial and error that a thicker layer of concrete is needed.

Temporary red line bus stops are in place for impacted riders along Shelby Street.

“Public transit is essential for our communities, and the Red Line continues to provide connectivity for my constituents in Garfield Park and Fountain Square. Our community deserves the best public transit system, and I am grateful that IndyGo continues to provide enhancements to the Red Line to ensure better connectivity and accessibility,” Frank Mascari, District 21 said.