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Police find convicted stalker near victim's home

Posted at 10:03 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 23:35:20-05

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. -- "How he found out where she lived we don't know yet,” Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger said Thursday afternoon near a field in Pendelton.

What Mellinger does know is that the actions of an observant resident helped put 27-year-old Trey Fields behind bars for the fourth time in Madison County.

"He obviously was close enough, that we feel like he was laying in wait to do something,” said Mellinger.

His alleged target is a woman deputies say Fields briefly dated several years ago when she was in college.

Investigators say Fields was convicted and served prison time for stalking that woman.

Thursday morning, a resident called 911 when they spotted a suspicious vehicle parked on their property two miles away from the victim’s home.

It was Field's black Mustang.

Captain Rob Olesky from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office found the 27-year-old lying in the brush in a field.

When he knew he was spotted, Olesky says Fields ran.

"The suspect did everything. Punching, grabbing, even biting,” Mellinger recounted, saying Field's even tried to pull the officer's weapon from his holster twice.

"Took about six officers to get the guy totally constrained and in restraints. He fought the entire time,” Mellinger shared.

Fields was eventually arrested for stalking, escape, battery of a police officer, trying to disarm an officer, resisting, and invasion of privacy.

"I think our deputies' actions, especially Deputy Olesky saved her from some pretty serious harm,” Mellinger said.

Officers are asking that Trey Fields be held in the Madison County Detention Center for at least another 72 hours as they try and complete their investigation.


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