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Docs: Fogle, Taylor had abusive relationship

Posted at 10:20 PM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 22:20:58-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Russell Taylor, the former head of Jared Fogle's child obesity campaign foundation, says he and Fogle maintained a "psychologically abusive relationship."

The statement was made as part of Taylor's sentencing request. He is seeking 180 to 274 months in prison or 15 to 22.8 years. 

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Prosecutors want Taylor to spend at least 30 years in prison. Court documents say there are 12 victims in Taylor's case, the youngest is a nine-year-old. The court documents show none of the victims knew they were being secretly videotaped in Taylor's house. 

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Taylor also had sex with two of the minors. 

Taylor has pleaded guilty to 12 counts of child exploitation involving 12 minor children. He also admitted to one count of distributing and receiving child pornography. 

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His sentencing request states that he is not disputing the fact that he placed the cameras, set up the recording that captured the images in question, or that he distributed commercial child pornography to Fogle. 

The sentencing request goes on to say, 

"As will be shown in further discussion, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Fogle maintained a psychologically abusive relationship. Despite contentions made by Mr. Fogle, Mr. Fogle regularly requested additional videos of the minor children be made and even offered to provide Mr. Taylor with more sophisticated equipment to do so. Mr. Fogle maintained control over Mr. Taylor's job, owned the home Mr. Taylor was living in, and provided a lavish number of experiences to Mr. Taylor. Mr. Fogle had the perfect person carry out his sexually deviant pursuits, all the while attempting to insulate himself from the risks of his conduct. 


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