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Police: Woman kissed, then punched attendant

Posted at 6:45 PM, Sep 17, 2015
INDIANAPOLIS -- The woman who reportedly attacked a flight attendant and another passenger made her first court appearance on Thursday. 
Daniela Velez-Reyes, 25, is charged with six counts, including a level four felony of disrupting the operation of an aircraft. 
According to the charging documents, Reyes was having "issues" with American Airlines staff before boarding the plane. 
Two women who accompanied her to court had nothing to say on her behalf. 
In the charging documents, a man said he was sitting in front of Velez-Reyes on the plane heading from Miami to Chicago when she became loud, kicked the back of his seat, and slapped his shoulder unprovoked. 
He said two flight attendants led the woman to the back of the plane. Witnesses said the crew asked for strong men to help restrain to help restrain her. One reported that she was kicking, screaming and swearing.
Witnesses say Velez-Reyes kissed, then punched a flight attendant in the face. 
The captain ordered the cockpit and cabin on lockdown, before making an emergency landing in Indianapolis. Once the plane landed, Velez-Reyes reportedly kicked an airport police officer while resisting arrest.