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All charges dismissed against final defendant in 2015 'Grundy Crew' case

Posted at 2:55 PM, Nov 28, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- The remaining charges were dismissed earlier this month against the last defendant in the October 2015 “Grundy Crew” case – even as the gang’s alleged ringleader faces new federal charges.

Six counts of dealing in marijuana, corrupt business influence and criminal gang activity against Eric David Butler were dropped on Nov. 14 after prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss, citing "evidentiary problems."

Butler was the last of 11 defendants accused of being part of the Grundy Crew criminal organization prosecutors described as a “dangerous gang.”

Click the image below to see all of the alleged members of the "Grundy Crew" gang:

The original charges in the case were announced at a press conference in October 2015, but quickly proved to be troubled by problems with evidence and uncooperative witnesses.

While each of the 11 defendants originally faced multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder, all of those charges were dropped after a key witness was found to have lied to police about her identity.

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In all, more than 100 charges were dismissed against the alleged gang members. The alleged leader of the gang, Richard Grundy III, pleaded guilty in August to one count of dealing in marijuana and was sentenced to time served plus two years of non-reporting probation.

Following his plea, Grundy told RTV6 he intended to leave town. But last week he and 25 other people were indicted on federal drug and money laundering charges as part of an alleged methamphetamine-trafficking ring.

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On Monday, a federal judge ordered Grundy held without bond in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service while he awaits trial. If convicted of the most serious charge against him, conspiracy to deal in a controlled substance, Grundy faces up to life imprisonment.

Butler still faces unrelated charges of possession and dealing in a narcotic drug in a December 2016 case. He was released from jail on Monday after successfully arguing for a bond reduction following the dismissal of the October 2015 case.

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