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Family remembers the impact of Officer Breann Leath

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Posted at 6:36 PM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-10 19:06:55-04

INDIANAPOLIS — When you hear people in the community talk about Officer Breann Leath, they talk about her heart. This wasn't just a job for her. She was dedicated and determined to make this city a better place and leave a lasting impact on those she served.

"We met her about two years ago," Amber Harrison said. "My kids met her at firefighter for a day camp on 10th and Post."

Harrison is one of many lucky enough to meet Officer Leath or Officer Bre as the kids called her.

"My middle son, Frankie, actually gave them a piece of paper with my address on it and asked them to come over," Harrison said.

She didn't expect the officers to keep that piece of paper, but they did. A few days later she woke up to a knock on the door.

"It was Officer Bre and another woman and she showed up with a basketball," Harrison said.

That was 2018. Harrison said Officer Leath took time to get to know her and learned she was a newly single mom and having a tough time. Ever since then, Leath and a few others made it a point to check in on the family, making sure they had supplies for the school year and even giving the kids a fish for Christmas.

"When she showed up I mean you could tell this is where she wanted to be. She didn't do it because someone told her to, she did it because she wanted to be here," Harrison said. "She wanted to make sure that my kids were okay and that I was okay, too."

Although Leath's time on the force was short, the impact she had on those she met will continue to live on.

"Just to have my kids see that there are good police officers and there are good human beings and just people that truly care no matter what, no matter how poor you are, what color you are just anything about you," Harrison said. "It's really a blessing."

Harrison said her son now hopes to follow in Officer Leath's footsteps and one day join IMPD himself.

"She just really was a beautiful, amazing woman. She was young, she was caring she definitely was impactful in the community and in our lives," Harrison said. "I hope that her son and her family knows how blessed we truly are to meet her."