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Former middle school band teacher accused of physically and verbally assaulting student

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Posted at 12:46 PM, May 17, 2019

DELAWARE COUNTY — A former middle school teacher in Delaware County is accused of physically and verbally abusing a student back in February.

According to the probable cause filed by the Delaware County Prosecutor's Office, Eric Bowman was teaching band at Northside Middle School when the altercation occurred.

Muncie Community Schools says Bowman resigned from his position on February 19.

Court documents state that Bowman became upset at a 14-year-old student after he called him out for yelling at another student for playing a wrong note. The student told police that Bowman yelled at him and another classmate saying, "you're the reason I'm heartless."

When the students laughed at that remark, Bowman reportedly became angry and told the student to leave class. The student said he lost his sandal while he was walking out and Bowman shoved him "with his chest" out of the classroom.

Bowman then picked up a music stand and pointed it at the student before throwing it on the floor where it bounced up and hit another student, according to the court documents, which say the student then left the band room out of fear for his safety.

Bowman followed the student back out of the classroom verbally assaulting him when a school resource officer heard the yelling and came over. The student asked the officer to escort him to the office and the officer said Bowman continued to verbally assault the student and push him against the lockers.

Another teacher heard the altercation and came out of her classroom, the resource officer asked that teacher to escort the student and told Bowman to return to his classroom. As Bowman walked away he said he was going to hit the student saying "I can and I will," according to court documents.

A short time later, Bowman was escorted out of the building by the school's principal. Court documents state video from the school shows Bowman shoving the student against the lockers "several times."

Bowman was arrested on May 16 on a warrant for two counts of battery of a minor and intimidation.

Muncie Community Schools issued the following statement after Bowman's arrest.

"Muncie Community Schools reported the incident to law enforcement on the day it occurred and has been cooperating with them since that time. MCS also immediately removed he teacher from the classroom. The teacher resigned on February 19, 2019"