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27 people arrested, 5 IMPD cruisers damaged during Friday night's violent protests in Indy

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Posted at 2:47 PM, May 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-30 14:56:22-04

INDIANAPOLIS — As protesting began again Saturday following a violent night across Indianapolis, Mayor Joe Hogsett and IMPD Chief Randall Taylor addressed the violence from protesters on Friday evening.

"I don't know the challenge of being black in this city," Hogsett said. "I don't know the challenge of being black in a country that was from its outset designed to privilege one race at the expense of all others."

"What I do know, is that the black lives lost this past month have revealed once more the century-old wounds that have never and will never heal so long as we continue to believe that time alone will be sufficient to erase the effect of a system that often fails to provide liberty and justice for all," Hogsett said. "What I do know, is that as stewards of the public's collective well-being we must do a better job of listening and acting before black communities in our city feel helpless. And what I do know, is that the good-faith efforts of peaceful protesters yesterday afternoon were overshadowed by violence that did damage to people, did damage to businesses and ultimately did damage to our collective ability to wake up this morning with a with a host squarely on the need for change."

Mayor Hogsett said he knows protests are planned for Saturday afternoon and has been in contact with organizers, requesting that they end by 7 p.m. so that those involved can be back inside their homes before things turn violent like they did Friday evening.

"While the emotions that fueled last night's vandalism may be justified, the actions that were taken and the harm that it has caused are simply unacceptable," Hogsett said. "And it did nothing to further the cause of progress."

"For long stretches yesterday we saw the best of what our democracy can stand for," Hogsett said. "But I am not blind to the fact that last night we also saw the worst manifestation of the worst manifestations of our own failing as a society."

Chief Randall Taylor provided a recap of what happened Friday evening after the peaceful protests turned violent.

"We estimate at least 30 businesses were damaged last night," Taylor said. "Some businesses were occupied and we received 911 calls for help from employees."

Things continued until around 4 a.m. when they began to wind down, according to Taylor.

Chief Taylor also shared some numbers from Friday's protest:

  • Upwards of 200 protesters during the thick of things
  • 27 people were arrested
  • 5 IMPD vehicles were damaged
  • 3 officers were injured
  • 3 protesters were injured, including one that sustained severe lacerations as a result of glass.
  • "That person was ultimately saved by an IMPD officer applying a tourniquet, saving that person's life," Taylor said.

You can watch the full press conference with Mayor Hogsett and Chief Taylor below.