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IUPUI students call for change after report of sexual assault on campus

It happened in a dorm stairwell on September 16
Posted at 8:03 AM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 11:32:27-04

INDIANAPOLIS — On Monday, IUPUI sent an email to their campus community, informing them of a sexual assault that happened in a residential facility stairwell where the suspect forced sexual acts on the victim.

This sexual assault has raised concerns on campus.

"My room is right next to the stairwell where it occurred, where the sexual assault happened (in University Tower)," Noah Thomas, an IUPUI Freshman, said. "To know I could have done something, I wish could have done anything."

Thomas and his friend, Caeley Hayes, are planning a protest in the courtyard at 5 p.m. Wednesday calling for changes from those in charge. They're asking for one change to happen as soon as possible.

"Cameras need to be put up in the stairwells, our elevators and our hallways," Thomas said.

"There are so many girls that say they don't like taking the elevator at night. They don't take the stairwells. Even the hallways don't have anything. There's nowhere girls feel safe where they can walk at night," Hayes said.

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Information from the IUPUI Daily Crime Log shows at least four instances of dating violence and sexual battery were reported to campus police. At least five rapes were reported. Those incidents are just the ones that were reported.

"Those are not good numbers and they're very concerning. To not feel safe in a place you're going to live for nine months, something needs to change," Thomas said.

Indiana University spokesperson Chuck Carney told WRTV that IUPUI officials are taking this sexual assault seriously. They're looking into all options, including adding cameras to places where there are currently are none.

IU offers several resources for students, faculty, and staff looking for support or to report sexual misconduct or violence. The information is available on their website and through the Guardian Safety App which students are encouraged to download.

Campus Police say the rape investigation is ongoing. They know the identity of the suspect.