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Man caught on camera breaking into truck on Indy's south side

Police offer safety and security tips
Posted at 11:34 PM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 23:46:04-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Neighbors on the Indianapolis south side are beyond frustrated with a suspected burglar who this week was caught on camera breaking into Nathan Martin's pick-up truck.

"I got up Monday morning to come out for work and opened up the garage door, walked outside and the truck door was standing wide open, glass everywhere," Martin said.

For Martin, this one crime was like getting hit twice. His pick-up truck is not just a way to get around, it's his work truck which was loaded with thousands of dollars in tools. "It makes me feel very disheartened and angry. That is how we make our living. I mean, we provide for our families, pay our bills, but we also support others in the community," Martin said.

Martin says he's not the only resident getting visits from unwelcomed guests. This screen grab from a surveillance video shows a possible suspect from another nearby incident. According to IMPD there was at least one other report in the area of cars being broken into in the last week, but it is unclear if any of the crimes are connected.

Still, Martin is concerned about whoever would do this in plain view of multiple security cameras. "Just walked right up to back window, shoved something in, broken the glass, looked around a little bit to see if anybody woke up or moved, then proceed to unlock and open the door, grabbed tools. He made two trips, grabbed the tools, took them to his car and sped off," Martin said.

IMPD is encouraging neighbors to report suspicious activity and crimes as the occur, take photos and log serial numbers of valuable items and, of course, remove them from a vehicle if possible. Martin is now offering a $500 reward for anyone who leads police to a suspect. He says the safety and security measures he's already taken don't appear to be enough to keep the trouble off his street.

"I mean it worries me because it doesn't matter how many cameras you have, any kind of deterrents. They just keep coming," Martin said.

IMPD says it is also a good idea to keep vehicle doors locked, and car alarms activated, as well as making sure exterior lights on your home are working. IMPD says you can also request a patrol by contacting the non-emergency line 317-327-3811.