Man high on 'katie' forced his way into apartment and assaulted woman, police say

Posted at 5:45 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 23:29:07-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A man was high on a form of synthetic marijuana known as “Katie” when he allegedly forced his way into a Far Eastside apartment and sexually assaulted a woman in front of her children Monday night.

IMPD officers were called to the Arborstone Apartments near the intersection of 38th Street and Post Road around 7:30 p.m. Monday on a report of trouble with a person.

Police arrived to find a man yelling “Leave that woman alone!” at another individual, later identified as Harold Gaddie.

According to the witness, Gaddie, 37, had been exposing his genitals and attempting to force his way into a woman’s apartment. When police arrived he was wearing a t-shirt and boxers and had no shoes on.

In a probable cause affidavit filed Tuesday, police said they arrived to find Gaddie banging on the door of an apartment and demanding to be let in. When he spotted police, he reportedly forced his way into the apartment and slammed the door.

At that point, police said, an emotionally distraught woman – who police determined to be the original 911 caller – exited her apartment and told police Gaddie had sexually assaulted her.

According to the woman, she had been sitting in her living room with her three young children when someone began violently slamming her door handle. When she cracked the door to see who was outside, Gaddie reportedly forced it open against her and then overpowered her.

The woman said Gaddi didn’t say anything, just “stared forward intensely and had an ‘out there’ look in his eyes.”

Gaddie allegedly then grabbed both of her breasts and began to force her backward into her apartment.

The woman told police she was “overcome with fear for herself and her children,” so she began to fight back. Eventually, she said, she was able to force Gaddie back out of her apartment and close the door. The woman told police her children witnessed the entire incident.

After talking to the woman, police attempted to gain entry to the apartment where Gaddie was located. According to their report, Gaddie was in a back room of the apartment repeatedly yelling at its female occupant to close the door and not talk to police. The occupant reportedly told police she wanted Gaddie to leave, but that she didn’t want to cooperate with officers.

Police were eventually able to place Gaddie under arrest after he approached the door. During the arrest, officers said Gaddie kicked and spit at officers and repeatedly yelled, “No, you aren’t taking me!”

By the time paramedics arrived at the scene, police said Gaddie’s demeanor had calmed enough that he was able to answer questions. According to the affidavit, Gaddie told police he had smoked “synthetic Katie,” and that he had previously had violent reactions to the drug in the past. Gaddie also reportedly began “profusely apologizing” to the officers for have fought with them.

Gaddie faces charges of sexual battery, battery on a public safety official, indecent exposure and residential entry.

Court records show Gaddie has faced criminal charges in 14 separate cases since 2000, including previous charges of residential entry, battery and invasion of privacy in 2011. He pleaded guilty to criminal confinement in that case and was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Prosecutors filed a request Tuesday for a seven-day hold against Gaddie while they seek revocation of his probation on a 2016 conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon.

Gaddie’s arrest comes as the city has seen an uptick in synthetic marijuana-related cases. On Saturday, 14 people overdosed in downtown Indianapolis from suspected “spice.” In February, 25 people overdosed in 24 hours near the Wheeler Mission. Police also linked those cases to synthetic drugs.

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