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More businesses and homeowners are signing up for IMPD's B-link program

Posted at 11:27 PM, Sep 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-06 23:27:57-04

INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD said more businesses and homeowners are signing up for its B-link camera program each week.

The cameras give police eyes and ears throughout the city and alert quicker response times.

"I don't think we're ever gonna say is that the answer because reducing crime takes a lot of effort," said LT. Shane Foley with IMPD. "It's an opportunity for the community, businesses and police department to partner together."

It's a small fix to a solution for reducing violence across Indianapolis.

"One of the big things is that when something happens and we're alerted to it, we're able to immediately go back and look to see it in real time or to get the video," said Foley.

The B-link program is designed to connect IMPD with security camera systems owned by businesses and homeowners across the city.

"We currently have over 75 businesses are involved in the program, which gives us over 100 camera views. We don't have an exact number of how many will join by the end of the year, but we do know that businesses seem to be adding into the program weekly."

One of those businesses is a gas station on the corner of 34th Street and Emerson Avenue.

WRTV spoke to the owner Gurbreed Malhi nearly two weeks ago. His business has been at the center of recent crime.

"It all started this year. I do not know what's going on. To be in the center of any crime scene as a business over is a tough position to be in. No one wants incidents to happen at their property," said Malhi.

Since Aug. 2022, IMPD said they have visited the gas station nearly 80 times.

Malhi signed up for B-link program and started installing cameras this week. He said with the support from IMPD and the city leaders to help beef up security, he's confident residents will start to see a difference fast.

Like another gas station on 34th Street and Sherman, whose owner tells WRTV’s Amber Grigley he has seen major success from the B-link program.

Foley said at this time, it's hard to attach numbers to how many crimes the B-link has prevented or how it's impacting crime, but it's a start that more people should consider.

"Whether it be the blink cameras, public safety cameras, or other partnerships that we have using technology, which is to continue to find ways to utilize the resources that we have to help improve the quality of life and the safety of our community, we're hoping that people see that," said Foley.