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Over a dozen car windows shot out in a string of Greencastle vandalisms

Greencastle car vandalism
Posted at 5:54 PM, Feb 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-17 17:57:34-05

GREENCASTLE — Greencastle residents began their Sunday morning by cleaning up shattered glass after several car windows were shot out in a string of vandalisms.

In total, 15 vehicles were shot in the early hours of Feb. 12.

North Arlington Street, Meadow Drive, East Washington Street, Elm Street and Maple Avenue were all impacted by the shooting spree.

“It left dents about half the size of a dime in two spots, down to the bare metal,” David Frost said. “I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse. Had it been a couple of inches higher, I’d likely have had my back window damaged.”

Greencastle vandalism

According to police, the cars were shot at with BB guns.

“I was told BB gun on the phone. However, I believe now after hearing more information that it was a pellet gun,” Savanna Junkin said. “I never found any BB’s or pellets, but I also didn’t think to look for any until after we cleaned up my car.”

In each case of vandalism, nothing was reported stolen.

“I thought of all the things in my vehicle and assumed I had been robbed in some way,” Junkin said. “When I got down there, my back driver side window was broken but no other damage. Everything was left in place. Nothing was messed with.”

Not only were residents left to clean up the mess, but they will have to pay for the repairs as well.

“The damage totaled $689, and I have a $100 deductible. My neighbor told me it was going to cost them around $2,000 to get their window fixed,” Frost said.

Greencastle Police Chief Chris Jones confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation and that detectives are following a few leads. Police obtained footage from Ring Doorbell cameras in the area. That video has not been released.

Detectives do not currently have any persons of interest, but they have identified a suspect vehicle.

“Whether it was some kids being dumb or some adults messing around, it’s still a frustrating thing to see and hear about,” Junkin said. “I could not believe something like this would happen to me. I live a minute away from the courthouse (and) five from the police station. I had always just assumed I was safe from this kind of thing.”