Do not DIY: Glow-stick can lead to chlorine bomb

Posted at 5:36 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 21:28:09-04

INDIANAPOLIS – You could call it "feeling the Bern," but definitely not in a good way. As a matter of fact it’s downright dangerous.

The internet is a great place to search for recipes and do-it-yourself projects.

But one recipe making the rounds could even be deadly.

It’s a meme (seemingly targeting Bernie Sanders supporters) that tells you to mix certain chemicals together in order to make a glow-stick.

But by mixing the ingredients – including chlorine tablets and rubbing alcohol – in a plastic bottle, you create an explosive device.

The Wayne Township hazmat team confirmed that to RTV6 today.

The videos and memes online, it turns out, are not to help Bernie supporters, but will help you make a chlorine bomb.

And if you make one, you can get seriously hurt.

“What it produces when it does explode is a chlorine gas, and it can cause respiration issues (and) skin irritation,” Wayne Township Fire Chief Michael Pruitt said. “Some of that damage is irreversible.”

But with teens trying out the stunt and posting video to the internet, it’s clear some aren’t listening.

“There was a group of teenagers – they were too close,” Pruitt said. “They mixed it up, it reacted on them, and next thing you know, they had burns on their body.”

Another added danger: The meme encourages people to mix up the chemicals at an actual political rally.

“The intent is for people to use this around large crowds, and I found that extremely disturbing,” Pruitt said.

We recommend being very careful with DIY projects you find online, and maybe don’t even try this one at all.

You can find glow-sticks sold at plenty of major stores, so don’t risk your life for this internet meme.


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