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Dog still on the loose after attacking cow

Posted at 11:03 PM, Mar 09, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Authorities issued a warning to Howard County residents this week about an aggressive pit bull believed to still be on the loose.

Teresa Brewster says she looked out her window last week to see two dogs attacking her family's cow, Hazel.

Brewster ran outside with a stick to interrupt the attack. She said there was blood everywhere, and for a brief moment one of the dogs stopped to look at her before returning its attention to the cow.

Brewster called her father-in-law, who lives next door. He ran over and managed to get Hazel free of the dogs.

One of the pit bulls stayed in the yard until animal control arrived. The other ran off and so far has managed to evade capture for a week.

The thought leaves Brewster scared for her animals and those of her neighbors.

"It's scary because Hemlock is a very small town full of children riding their bikes, you know?" she said. "I just don't want to see any other animals, dogs, any children by no means getting hurt."

Hazel suffered wounds to her snout and ear. The Brewsters' also had a goat nearby during the attack that wasn't hurt.

The dog that was captured was returned to the care of its owner, with animal control planning to keep a close eye on it.


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