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Dogs must be brought inside when temperatures hit 20 or below, animal advocates remind pet owners

FIDO reminds of animal ordinance
Reminder: Bring pets indoors when temps drop
Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-04 09:47:04-05

INDIANAPOLIS — With frigid temperatures approaching central Indiana, animal advocates are getting the word out to pet owners about keeping your pets safe.

Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) volunteers are doing outreach, and letting dog owners know about the city’s care and treatment ordinance.

It says you must bring your dog inside, or into a temperature-controlled building kept between 40 to 80 degrees, when the outside temperatures is 20 or below.

Violators can face a citation from the city, but FIDO says their goal is to educate pet owners about the dangers of cold weather.

“We have found dogs that have frozen to death in past winters so we just want to get the word out and help people get their dogs inside their houses,” said Darcie Kurtz with FIDO. “Just for short periods for 10-20 minutes to do their business and come back in. We are most concerned about dogs that live outside and if it's cold as predicted, dogs suffer and they can literally die in these temperatures."

FIDO is offering resources like training crates, flea treatments and other supplies.

If you see a dog left outside you should report it to the Mayor’s Action Center by calling 317-327-4MAC or using the Request Indy app.