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Dozens of people golf in honor of Abby and Libby

Charity event raised money for Legacy Park in Delphi
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Posted at 8:49 PM, Aug 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-14 20:49:12-04

MONTICELLO — Golfers of all skill levels turned out Saturday at the Pine View Golf Course to support the completion of the Legacy Park for Abby Williams and Libby German.

The memorial park is named after the two teenage girls killed in Delphi in 2017.

"It touches our heart that enough people still care about the girls, they're not forgotten and they want to help with their legacy," Becky Patty, Libby's grandmother, said.

"Overall, what we're doing in their honor to keep them alive forever, it still feels very much like they're here," Anna Williams, Abby's mother, said.

Many participating in the golf outing have never missed a year.

"This reminds us that they're never going to be forgotten, there will always be people even though she should be graduating, she should be going to college, we still have so many people out there just helping and supporting us," Kelsi German, Libby's sister, said.

Some participating are the families coworkers and others just want them to know they are not alone.

"It's nothing about the game, it's about the family of two children that I did not know or the families, but I will be here every year until I cannot golf or whatever," participant Gary Tincher said.

The superintendent of the golf course, Greg Schidler, says they want to support the families any way they can and the event has become so popular that for the first time, there was a morning and afternoon game.

The families are planning for a grand opening of the park on October 9.