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DPW installs barrier at 32nd Street and College Avenue to curb reckless driving

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Posted at 8:17 PM, Jul 09, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS— Overnight, Indy DPW crews made a change at a dangerous intersection in the Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood.

"Yipee," was Pastor Clyde Posley's quick reaction when he got to work Tuesday morning.

For 25 years, Posley has seen all kind of accidents at the intersection of 32nd Street and College Avenue.

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"There have been at least 40 accidents here," said Posley. "School bus accidents, pedestrian accidents, as well as multi-car accidents."

Posley says some of those accident involved parishioners and others damaged his church.

"You can see the brick there, it's a different color brick. That is from a car being catapulted from that corner," pointed out Posley. "Signs are torn down, fences are torn down on both sides, all that's from the speed and violence and the impact that's apart of being on this corner."

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Cyclists work to grab attention of drivers

DPW put up an installation that keeps drivers from crossing College Avenue from 32nd Street in either direction.

"Accidents can happen even still, but this has got to be a help because most of the accidents were occurring literally in the center of this intersection," said Posley.

In a statement DPW says, The community spoke and Indy DPW listened. The new installation at 32nd Street and College Avenue is our latest effort to help curb irresponsible and selfish driving habits through feedback from residents. Indy DPW previously installed signage and markings in this area but further measures were deemed necessary.

This is an another example of Indy DPW's commitment to makes our city's streets safer for all users.