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Eastern Hancock schools to reopen Friday

Closed two days due to high number of absentees
Posted at 3:37 PM, Mar 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-05 15:39:54-05

HANCOCK COUNTY — Eastern Hancock schools will be back in business Friday, after being closed for two days due to a high number of absentees.

The decision to reopen was made Thursday afternoon by Superintendent David Pfaff after phone conversations with teachers, bus drivers and other school staff.

About 1,200 students attend the district's high school, middle and elementary schools. Early this week, the absentee rate climbed over 20 percent. When that happens, the state recommends that schools be closed.

During the shut down, students were expected to take part in home e-learning days using their school-supplied Chromebooks.

Phaff said the closure was not the result of a coronavirus outbreak. Students had the common flu, strep throat, bronchitis and other ailments.

During the two days school were shut down, each building received a deep cleaning, with classrooms and common areas scrubbed down. School buses were also cleaned.