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Elwood homeowners upset about brown water

Posted at 9:00 PM, Mar 04, 2016

ELWOOD, Ind. -- Elwood homeowners received an unwelcome surprise this week when they turned on their faucets to find dark brown water coming out.

The city's utility blames its system of water mains – old, corroded and in need of replacement.

"The only way to eliminate having it is to replace every line in Elwood and soften at the water plants," said Glen Murray, of Elwood Utilities. "If we did that, there wouldn't be anyone who would want to live in Elwood, because they couldn't afford to pay the rates."

City officials say the fix would cost millions of dollars. Residents, however, are justifiably upset.
"Last summer we found rubber chunks in our water while bathing our kids," said Jodi Alexander. "There was black stuff floating in the water. It was brown like this, and stuff floating in it."

The city says it is flushing out the lines that have brown water.


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