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How NOT to fall for an email scam

Posted at 7:40 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 08:59:28-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- You've received an email from the Social Security Administration which promises new ways to protect your personal information and identity.

The subject line says 'Get Protected' and the email may even mention the 'SAFE Act of 2015.'

Who wouldn't be tempted to click on the link? After all, it's from the government, right?

Problem is, it's a scam. The Federal Trade Commission says the Social Security Administration has no such program.

It's actually a phishing email which is designed to get you to click on the link. Once you do, viruses and spyware could be installed on your computer.

The link may also take you to a fake site, which is meant to look official, and you'll be asked for personal information.

If you get an email you weren't expecting. don't click on any links.

If you're not sure if the email is coming from the government, call the office that supposedly sent the email and ask them.

When it comes to securities, retirement and investment fraud, email is a big way scammers find their victims.

Call 6 Investigates spoke to a victim of these frauds. We're putting together that report for Thursday on The News at 11.


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