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Enroll Indy wants to streamline IPS enrollment

Posted at 9:36 PM, Apr 18, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- A big change is on the horizon at IPS when it comes to enrollment.

New recommendations are set to roll out that could alter how you sign your kids up for class.

The non-profit Enroll Indy wants to make sure enrolling at IPS is as easy as filling out one sheet of paper.

Right now, if you were trying to enroll your child in your neighborhood school, you would do it one way. To be considered for a magnet school, there's another form. If you want your child to be considered for a public charter, there's still more forms. Some are online, some are paper – and all have different deadlines.

Enroll Indy wants to have a website up by November to be used toward 2017 fall enrollment.

"We talk about Indiana having this great choice system, and whether you agree with choice or not, it is supposed to exist equitably for everybody," said Enroll Indy Executive Director Caitlin Hannon. "Right now that is not the case. You've got families who really know how it works. They can work the system, apply multiple places. And then you've got families who are totally disengaged."

Hannon launched Enroll Indy in August 2015 through a Mind Trust grant.

Indianapolis Public Schools has not confirmed the proposed plan for November will definitely happen, but has said it supports a unified enrollment process. The IPS Board of Directors released the following statement Monday:

“Collaborating with local partners to create a unified enrollment system benefiting Indianapolis families via a one-stop shopping environment is a priority for IPS.  In fact, we’ve made exploration of this possibility a part of our strategic plan. As work on this important project continues, IPS will engage our community to discuss efforts to streamline the enrollment process.  Our goal is always to provide stronger services that are both highly relevant and convenient to families we serve.  IPS looks forward to working with local entities on the unified enrollment system from the pilot program through final implementation.  We appreciate the dedication and diligence of our partners during this significant and critical endeavor.” 


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