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Families outraged hit-and-run suspect released

Posted at 10:15 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 22:15:55-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Two Central Indiana families are outraged after the release on bond of a man involved in a near-fatal hit-and-run.

Will Slinger has a criminal history that includes causing an accident killing a young mother.  He's facing new charges for a near-fatal hit-and-run earlier this year.

In 2005, Brian Mulry's wife April was killed in a crash. Mulry and his then 5-week-old daughter survived. Wil Slinger, then 18, was convicted for causing the crash and told police he smoked marijuana before the fatal collision.

While out on bond, Slinger was arrested again in a DUI crash. Sling was again arrested Monday and released after posting a $1,000 bond for a January hit-and-run that injured three people, including Grant Black – who is still confined to a wheelchair by his injuries.

"Unbelievable," Black said. "$200 is all it took for him to be back on the streets."

Police arrested Slinger at his Franklin home just days after RTV6 showed surveillance images taken moments after the crash. An anonymous tip led police to Slinger.

But his release on a modest bond has angered Black and Mulry, who say that he's a danger to anyone on the road.

"He doesn't care," Mulry said. "He has no character. He doesn’t' respect life, and it's a travesty."


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