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Family remembers Dreasjon Reed after deadly incident with police

Posted at 5:41 PM, May 08, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Friends and family of Sean Reed are remembering him after his death was live streamed on Facebook.

"He was talking to me on the live," Jazmine Reed, his sister, said. "And he was like 'Sis I'm sorry.' And I'm like 'Brother what are you doing? We can't think for them.'"

Reed was streaming himself as he led police on a chase Wednesday on the northwest side of Indianapolis after police say they saw him driving recklessly.

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He eventually got out of the car near 62nd Street and Michigan Road where the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says he exchanged gunfire with an officer. He was shot and killed in the exchange.

"I know my brother thought the situation was going to go differently," Jazmine said. "I know he did. I know my brother didn't think they were going to shoot him down like that. He was scared. You hear him say it."

Sean, who went by Dre to his family, was the life of the party and always smiling.

The United States Air Force confirmed Sean served as an airman first class for nine months. He did not serve a full recruitment contract, but privacy acts prevent the Air Force from saying why.

"He went to help fight protect and serve like they were supposed to protect and serve my brother," Jazmine said. "They were supposed to protect my brother."

"I love my brother so much. He was definitely not a bad person I promise," Jazmine said. "He was scared just like anybody else. He was young, he has goals. He knew the generation we've got going on now. My brother was trying to get away from it. It was just hard. But my brother is trying to get away from this crazy world. He wanted to get away and move."

His family says he was in the wrong for starting the chase, but thinks IMPD could've handled it differently.

"But my brother definitely he definitely did not deserve to be shot like that," Jazmine said. "They could've beat him up and locked him up."

She says they could've visited him in jail, but now they will never be able to talk to him again.

"He can't call his mother. He can't call our dad. He can't call his sisters," Jazmine said.