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Fed up woman raises stakes with yard signs

Posted at 10:22 PM, Mar 18, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis woman has resorted to yard signs to bring attention to a problem she says the city is ignoring.

Lisa Agee says she's fed up with crumbling roads, potholes and a lack of sidewalks – problems she's been asking the city to fix for the last five years.

"I've been calling the Mayor's Action Line," Agee said. "I've talked to people in the Department of Transportation. Nothing has been done."

It's a cycle that Agee, co-owner of an insurance agency on 38th Street, is sick of.

"I don't feel like they care at all," she said. "If they did, they would give people a safe place to walk to and from."

Agee's frustration reached a tipping point last week, when she decided to pay for and post signs in her yard addressing the issue.

So far, her neighbors are mostly supportive.

"I've called downtown myself at least three times over the last couple years," said Early McCoy, a member of the Devington Neighborhood Association.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works says it's aware of the problems and has identified as them needing to be fixed – but it doesn't have a timeline as to when that will happen.

Agee has put out 20 signs so far. She says if they problems aren't fixed soon, she'll put out 100 more.


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