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FIDO reminds dog owners of ordinance as temps expected to hit 90 this week

Bring your dogs inside when temperatures soar
A dog tethered outside on the east side of Indianapolis.
Posted at 3:25 PM, May 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-29 18:32:29-04

INDIANAPOLIS— With temperatures expected to hit 90 degrees this week, animal advocates are out spreading the word about how dangerous this weather can be for dogs that spend time outside.
Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) wants to remind pet owners of the Indianapolis Care and Treatment ordinance, which says once the temperatures hits 90 degrees, you need to bring your dogs inside.

The ordinance states your dog must be brought inside a temperature-controlled building kept between 40°F and 80°F, such as your house when:

  • the temperature outside is 20°F & below
  • the temperature outside is 90°F & above
  • there’s a heat advisory
  • there’s a wind chill warning
  • a tornado warning has been issued

Darcie Kurtz, FIDO founder, said many people don’t realize how deadly hot weather can be.

“Worst case scenario a dog can die from heat stroke,” said Kurtz. “We see that it happens. People tend to have more concern about dogs outside in the cold, but the heat can be just as miserable and deadly as the cold.”

Dogs also need access to cool, fresh water.

Plus, when temperatures hit 80 degrees, your dog has to have shade, like trees or a tarp.
“Dogs need to have shade from the overhead sun,” said Kurtz. “A little doghouse is not sufficient shade.”

FIDO works with dog owners to make sure they understand the ordinance, and also provides resources to low-incomes families.

“We provide direct services and supplies so on the spot we can help people with flea prevention because dogs are miserable with fleas and flies biting in the summer,” said Kurtz. “We can help with inside training crates for dogs that need to come into the house.”
If a pet owner still refuses to provide adequate care and treatment, FIDO contacts Indianapolis Animal Care Services who can issue a citation.

FIDO says if you see a dog in danger or distress, your best option is to use the Request Indy app.

You can also call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4MAC (4622).

FIDO can be reached in non-emergency situations at 317-221-1314.