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Taxidermy hare stolen from 1933 Lounge in Fishers returned with apologetic note

Posted at 5:38 PM, Dec 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-09 11:04:42-05

FISHERS — A Fishers restaurant says their stolen taxidermy hare has been returned, along with an apologetic letter.

1933 Lounge on District N. Dr. in Fishers took to social media with surveillance video on Tuesday afternoon in the hopes of getting back their beloved mascot.

According to the restaurant, which is owned by St. Elmo's, the hare — named Theodore A. Hare — was stolen by a small group Friday evening.

The restaurant shared surveillance video of a small group admiring the stuffed hare and then one of them grabbing it on their way out the door. They even offered a $500 gift card for his safe return.

"No questions asked and no hard feelings," the restaurant posted. "Our only hope is he returns to us unharmed."

Late Tuesday night, the restaurant posted another image of Theodore along with a note apologizing for the theft.

"Sorry! This was a drunken mistake. He was well taken care of," the note read.

The restaurant removed the video of the alleged thieves after Theodore was returned.

The theft is similar to the theft of a taxidermy Fox from St. Elmo's back in August 2018. The fox, Wilson, later arrived at the restaurant alone, in the back of an Uber.

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