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Humane Society says people can find help after 5 puppies abandoned in forest

Posted at 11:53 PM, Jan 02, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — The Morgan County Humane Society has a message to pass along after five puppies were abandoned in a state forest.

"We will help you spay and neuter your animals," Morgan County Humane Society executive director Jennifer Londergan said. "It doesn't matter whether or not you can afford it."

It's not known how long the puppies were out there, but Humane Society officials are thankful it wasn't too cold and someone found them in time. Now they want to focus on education and letting people know there are many ways to find homes for animals.

The five little puppies have had a whirlwind week. Shannon Crigger is fostering the pups who were found New Year's Eve at Morgan Monroe State Forest placed in a tote with a sleeping bag on the bottom and covered with a sheet close to the road.

"I'm hopeful that they were not stuck outside for too terribly long before they were found," Grigger said. ""In our heart, we really hope that they set it up that way hoping that somebody would find them."

Jennifer Londergan took the call about the abandoned puppies, who are about five weeks old. They were found by someone driving through the state forest.

"To find puppies abandoned in the woods, to us it's really concerning," Londergan said. "Usually, people don't have a hard time placing puppies."

That's what made the situation even stranger for Londergan. While she said she has all sorts of questions about how the puppies got there, what matters now is that they're safe.

Although many animal shelters and Humane Societies are at capacity with dozens of other animals, Londergan said rescue groups will always find a way to help if you come to them with an animal you no longer want — just like they did with the five puppies.

"We have a crazy foster parent who was willing to say, on New Year's Eve, absolutely, bring me five puppies that we don't know the health status of that we just found in the woods," Londergan said.

At Crigger's house, the five little furballs are getting love and attention and, hopefully, their story being shared will mean someone will think twice before dumping unwanted animals.

"If you have puppies or kittens and you can't take care of them, contact the Humane Society, contact a rescue group. There are so many different organizations that will help you. Don't leave them in the woods," Londergan said.

Londergan said the puppies will stay in their foster home for about three more weeks, and then they will be fixed and put up for adoption.

You can call 211 if you ever need help finding resources for abandoned animals.