Former Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller told Chelsea Handler he is "100% Team Kaepernick"

Posted at 10:32 PM, Sep 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 12:27:45-04

During an interview with Chelsea Handler this week, former Indiana Pacers player Reggie Miller said he's "100% Team Kaepernick." 

Miller told Chelsea he supports what Kaepernick is doing because it's opening a discussion that he says needs to be addressed.

"I'm an Air Force Brat," Miller said, "It was kind of ingrained for us to stand up at attention and respect it."

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback started a movement when he knelt during the National Anthem at the team's preseason games, with teammate Eric Reid and Seattle's Jeremy Lane doing the same. Kaepernick has cited racial injustice and police brutality among the reasons for his actions and has said he will continue to not stand for the anthem during the regular season.

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"What this is doing finally, is opening up a discussion that needs to be said, especially people of color and what's going on around this country. People think it's about the military and disrespecting the government, no, what he's standing up for is what's going on in America, on our streets, and that's why I'm 100% team Kaepernick," he told Chelsea. 

Kaepernick's decision has drawn both support and scorn from people in the sports world and beyond.

The Indiana Fever team, took a knee during the National Anthem before their playoff game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Colts' Antonio Cromartie knelt during the National Anthem before the team's game against the Chargers. 

Even President Obama gave an approving nod to Kaepernick's actions saying that he has generated more national conversation about issues that need to be discussed. 

But many have also come out to publicly disagree with Kaepernick, including Mike Ditka who said on a radio show that he has "no respect" for him or any athlete who protests the national anthem at sporting events.

And USA hockey coach John Tortorella has warned his players that he will not tolerate them sitting during the national anthem and that if he catches them they "will sit there for the rest of the game."

Kaepernick is also donating all of the money he receives from his jersey sales to charity to thank fans for their support. His 49ers jersey has become a top seller in the NFL since his protest became public. 

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