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Former Washington Pointe Apartments undergo renovations, family given 30 days to move out

Life at Belhaven Place
Posted at 5:43 PM, Jun 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-07 18:51:41-04

INDIANAPOLIS — One family was notified they have 30 days to move out of their east side apartment complex due to “unlivable conditions.” They feel this is unfair and point to unanswered work orders.

“First of all, [there’s] mold. Two of my daughters cannot sleep in their room because of the mold,” Tim Cooley said.

Cooley says his daughters haven’t been able to sleep in their room for months, but that’s not their only concern.


“There is also mold in my bathroom, closet, kitchen, behind the stove, under the counters and in the other bathroom,” Cooley said.

He says they have had the mold tested themselves and made multiple work orders that have yet to be addressed.

An email now shows they’ve been told they can’t renew their lease at The Life at Belhaven Place due to the apartment being “unlivable.” They have 30 days to move out.

“It’s ridiculous. I feel like they’re putting the blame on us,” Cooley said.

Long term exposure to mold can lead to a number of issues aside from respiratory problems. Some extreme cases come with memory loss and anxiety.


WRTV spoke to the Cooley's numerous times in 2021 when the property was called Washington Pointe Apartments. They shared concerns of unanswered maintenance requests.

Trash, crime and health department violations were also major issues for residents.

Some residents say new management is making progress with renovations, security and work orders.

“It’s definitely safer than it was,” a resident who wanted to remain anonymous said.

Because the Cooley’s are being forced out over unlivable conditions, they are concerned with rent increases for a new on-site unit or finding an affordable four-bedroom apartment in Warren Township.

“Everything around here is three-bedrooms, two-bedrooms or a studio. The remodeled units are going for nearly $3,000,” Cooley said.

A spokesperson for The Life at Belhaven issued the following statement:

Following our purchase of The Life at Belhaven one year ago, we launched a $4.1M capital improvement program that is currently ongoing to enhance the quality of life for our residents, including the implementation of a security camera system to ensure resident and community safety, interior unit and exterior property upgrades as well as a variety of sustainability measures. We have a hands-on property management team on site that respond promptly to resident needs as well as a dedicated maintenance team that works as quickly as possible to address all work orders as the property continues to undergo this renovation program.

If renters feel their rights are being violated, they can reach out to the property manager, health department, Indiana Legal Services or Attorney General’s office.