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Franklin Central High School special needs student on the ballot for prom king

Posted at 10:11 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 11:47:48-04

INDIANAPOLIS – A Franklin Central High School student with special needs was recently nominated on the ballot for prom king.

Joseph Copass-Israels, who has Down syndrome, was excited about not only the nomination, but the prom invitation he received.

Paige Clegg invited Copass-Israels to prom at Great Times Family Fun Park. She created a sign that read, “Will you make it a great time at prom? Say, yes, yes, yes.”

"Joe should be asked to prom. Joe should be able to go to prom,” said Clegg. "All of our kids should be thought of when you think of who do you go to prom with. They are the most fun honestly. They want to dance. They want to get out there. They should be involved in our school things. I think our school is very accepting and very inclusive."  

Copass-Israels’ mother has advocated for more inclusion at the school, so she was thrilled about her son’s nomination.

"The kiddos here that he is interacting with are future politicians, or future doctors, or future lawmakers,” said Brenda Copass-Israels. “If they don't get to know Joseph and know more about him and other children like him, they are not going to care about him when they get in those positions.”