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Friend of killed Delphi girl: 'I question everything'

Friend of Delphi girl: 'I question everything.'
Posted at 7:36 AM, Feb 16, 2017

DELPHI, Ind. -- Hagen Jacobs, a family friend of Abigail Williams, spent summers with the girl riding 4-wheelers. She said Williams was daring, kind and a sweet person who'll be missed.

"I just picture scenarios in my head," Jacobs said. "I question everything."

Jacobs especially questions who would target children in Delphi.

Williams and Liberty German were on the Delphi Historic Trail on Monday when they went missing and crews searched through the night to locate them. Volunteers found their bodies Tuesday afternoon less than a mile from where they were dropped off. The bodies were found on private property about 50 feet from the shore of Deer Creek.

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"[Williams] had the best personality," Jacobs said. "She was seriously so fearless and loving like, she loved. Like she had to warm up to you at first but she was so kind."

Jacobs remembers happier times, like the white-knuckle ride she once took where Williams had control of the wheel.

"Everytime I get on a 4-wheeler I'm going to think about Abigail and how scared I was that day but how happy she was," Jacobs said. 


That was just a few summers ago but now those memories are paired with something so sinister it keeps her up at night.

"I can't sleep just knowing that there is someone walking the streets, knowing what they did and it's not even bothering them and it destroyed someone's whole world," Jacobs said.

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